Dye leached out of granite surface Baird Standish 19 Sep 2013 18:33 EDT

I recently inspected a granite surface. It appears that the surface has been treated with a phenolic resin judging from the fact that the slick material continues to the underside of the counter (photo 2). The home owner spilled Whinks rust remover on the table and it took out some of the dark color. Strange that the surface texture remained perfectly intact with no etching or any dimunition of gloss. Was wondering if there is any product that might add color back. I explained that whatever we do will not be perfect, but they would like to avoid replacing the top all together. Any ideas are most welcome. Thanks,
Ps I sent an email with the pictures attached but it didn't show up in the forum. So if that email doesn't magically appear in a little while I will try to resend the photos with some adjustments

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