Travertine Mike Marsoun 02 Oct 2013 17:42 EDT
I did this travertine restoration. I filled the holes after flattening w 70 resins and removed with the 120 resins because I didn't want to destroy the cheetahs. The filling came out awesome. Then I went with the #2 cheetah pads and then 1500 monkey pad real quick, mostly just to clean the residue. The stone is not dense and a lot of difference from tile to tile. It looks very inconsistent, more than usual. I have to sample some things tomorrow. May try 5x or a discontinued RJSC polish I have been hoarding (stone hardener 2) that has a lot of wax in it. Came out with great color and definitely an 800 equiv shine. Not bad for 3 steps from lippage! Would like to make it more consistent. Very poor quality travertine. Any ideas?

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