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RE: [sccpartners] porcelain tile John Freitag (29 Oct 2013 16:31 EDT)

RE: [sccpartners] porcelain tile John Freitag 29 Oct 2013 16:31 EDT


How old is this floor ? how is it currently be maintained and with what type
of cleaner?
This floor may need a deep clean using a good alkaline based cleaner
scrubbed with a floor machine and soft brush and vac up and then cleaned
with neutral cleaner vac up and that might just do it.

John E Freitag
The Stone & Tile School
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Customer has a finely textured porcelain tile that shows every smudge,
footprint, etc. : having difficulty keeping it clean. Is there anything that
can be done to make it easier to maintain? Thanks , Stephen

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