Value your experience Dayron 31 Oct 2013 08:44 EDT

Hey Gang a couple of weeks ago I sent a pic for a project we were bidding, it was a white carrera floor installed in 1923, and it had thick grout lines (think Saltillo install, instead of Saltillo u have marble ). The company who was trying to do the job could not eliminate deep scratches that were all over the floor. I met the GC/owner and supervisor and they gave me the story they all give "we have a lot of jobs, we need a good price, we need it done ASAP.  ".I asked did the other company give you mock up, (they said no), I have heard that story from GCs about having plenty of work, and on this job no mock up that told me all I need to know. I told him that without the mock up I can't give him a price.  He said he would call me for the mock up.  I got home and did some research on the GC/owner and they have opened 3 companies in 3 yrs.
They called me yesterday with the same problem, and they were asking questions about the floor.  I told them they were consulting fees and a retainer before I started.  Man the man was furious he said I was con man and he was going to report me to BBB and the MIA.  I told him thank you, and one other thing how can you report me if I have not done one job for you.

Gang, value yourself and expertise don't get pushed around. Btw just got a job floor installed 1945 and 3 times the size of the 1923 floor

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