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Depending upon the Saltillo tile some have a glaze on them other are just
clay baked . very pores and the sealer that is usually on these are a
urethane or epoxy based sealer. To remove can be difficult.  You will need
to test removing the coating with a alkaline base stripper, if the stripper
get sticky or gummy the coating you are dealing with is a urethane or a
epoxy. Try Beanie Doo soy based stripper. When re applying a sealer I would
use one of the sealer /coating from Richard James Chemical.
If this is a clay based product non glazed it will soak up water and
cleaners. This product could take days to dry before applying any sealers.

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Hey Gang I never do Saltillo but this is my older brother.  He has bought a
house with this floor. Half of the house has Saltillo with sealer the other
half has none

1) stripper recommendations
2) sealer recommendations ( low voc ) (wife has asthma )


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