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Call me Tony to discuss options and products.

Bob Murrell
Director of Operations
SCC/M3 Technologies Inc.

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Hello Pro’s, Bob & Fred, about a month and a half ago I sent you some pics on the kitchen countertop slab that I was having big problems trying to get polished during the test, before I bid the job. Bob you gave me some suggestions on some products that I bought from you but none of them worked.
They only seem to dull it down or do nothing at all.
The closest I was able to getting it refinished was by diamond honing from 800 all the way to 8500.
I was able to bring it all the way back to the original finish but it left swirls from the 8,500 diamond pads.
The problem on the slabs is as it sat in the storage lot before purchase it was weathered with rain and the elements.
It left runs and grid patterns between the slabs.
It was installed like that assuming it would all clean off.
The first thing I did was try to clean it off before I did any restoration to no avail.
One thing I did notice is after I hit it with 800 wet it started to smear off the surface as it cut away like somehow it could be removed possibly without Diamond honing it.
But I could not find anything else that would do it other than diamond honing.
So at that point I had to take it to 8500grit.
This is the description of the stone the customer sent me...

item # Super white 3CM polish slab Dolomite, Brazil Acid-2 Hardness-4

If you have any other suggestions that would be great.
Thank you

Tony DeLuna

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