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First remove any loose grout and clean the fountain good. Then re-grout
using a non- sanded grout and add a latex additive into the grout. The latex
can be purchased at tile and grout suppliers and at Home Depot or Lowes.
When nixing you grout in place of water add latex approximately 50 to 75 %
the balance add water. The latex will do two things, one it will help the
grout to bond to the tiles, second it will harden the grout where the
moisture and the chemicals in the fountain will not attack the grout as

CAUTION::  do not mix too much grout at one time, the latex increases the
cure time. do a good clean up as you go.

This it the simplest way to handle this. I do a fountain with the same 2 X2
tiles blue color in a mall in Orlando 4 years ago and the grout still look
good and still bonding well. \

We clean this fountain every year and inspect the grout and all is well

Hope this help

John E Freitag

The Stone & Tile School
Office 407-567-7652
Cell 407-615-0134


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Hey Gang, have a very good client, and she has an issue with the fountain
and her floors. First the fountain, installed 4 yrs ago, part  of grout on
wall and floor is all but gone. What grout do y'all recommend.  This could

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