Removing white coating from brick wall Bstandish (05 Jun 2014 17:51 EDT)
Re: Removing white coating from brick wall Dayron (05 Jun 2014 18:23 EDT)

Removing white coating from brick wall Bstandish 05 Jun 2014 16:37 EDT
Hi Partners,
We have been asked to explore removing a white coating from an old brick wall. We all believe this is a white application that was originally applies to the wall 60 or more years ago. Probably snook based paint, but don't know what the practice was back then, whether applied on-site or in the brick factory. Please let me know if any of you have run across this and what you might suggest. I have considered one or a combination of power washing, soda blasting, chemical paint removal and sanding. Cathedral products I believe makes a product that is applied like latex and then stripped  I have seen this done on old limestone but not a painted surface.

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