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I would let the customer know the pros and cons of both sealers and let them decide. I always try to steer them the impregnator way, but if they have a lack of respect for the stone and its going to be used in an environment where they should of put vinyl then, I would just coat it.

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> Good afternoon. Am looking at project involving a 100+ year old limestone floor that needs to be stripped and honed to a satin finish. That is, I think, the easy part. Probably use vortex or similar and take up to 1100 grit or so. The question is- this is a place that is used for  parties and is subject to staining. Of course we could we coat with acrylic again, but that would not leave it much better than it is now.  Would an impregnating solvent-based sealer do the trick? If we go with a topical sealer, what to use that would retain the satin finish and would be easy to maintain over time?
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