Tape & Silicone marks removal Tony Deluna (22 May 2022 22:06 EDT)
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Tape & Silicone marks removal Tony Deluna 22 May 2022 22:06 EDT
Hey Pro’s, has anyone worked on and know how to resolve these 2 issues without diamond hone and polishing, or DIP pad hone?
1st issue; limestone wall tiles have masking tape marks on the edges from the painter.
The Purple “Scotch tape #2080” was used.
Last time this painting company left marks on new lime stone for this same Gen Contractor we had to Diamond hone then dip pad finish hone to bring it back.
Before we Diamond honed and DIP PAD honed we tried cleaning and scrubbing it with lacquer thinner and an alkaline water base stripper.

2nd Issue; This quartz countertop has handprints and marks in it. I suspect it’s from caulking the edges with silicone.
I’ve seen this before on other courts countertops where it was pretty obvious that the guys who installed the countertop smeared and dripped silicone on the surface. I tried lacquer thinner didn’t work.

Any ideas?

Thanks Pro’s

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