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Grey thinset Stephen Webb 19 Sep 2014 01:51 EDT

Hey all I have  a question, An architect  friend has already purchase 20
pallets of the laticrete 252 silver.  The color is grey.   I have done a
scratch coat sample on the back of the travertine to see if any bleeding
was noticed.  It has been approximately 2 weeks and there are no visible
signs of the grey thinset leaching through the tile.  Since the
architect has already purchased the thinset and ready to proceed with
the work, they are now stuck with the grey thinset.   Is there any law
or guideline referring to the use of grey thinset with a beige colored
travertine?  I am hoping that there is some clarification regarding the
acceptability of the grey thinset usage on a beige colored travertine.
  Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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