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It's not really in great shape of its dirty in the traffic areas.
The stone has been abraded and is holding the soil.
Think about trying to mop a English muffin.
Your floor is an English muffin sorta.
You need not get to aggressive but 220 resins are a good place to start.
We put some high alkaline cleaner in the tank while we cut it.
Then when you have it all cleaned up start bringing it back using a combo of diamonds,diamond impregnated pads and some honing or even polishing compounds used very sparingly just for color .
It hard to blend a floor like that if you don't cut the entire floor.
Don't ever be worried to cut a floor-that's your job!
Sometimes an extractor might help in these situations.

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> On Nov 17, 2014, at 1:27 PM, Chris <csantospago@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have this limestone floor that is in great shape but seems to be very dirty in the high traffic areas. There were some carpet runners laid down and it is quite a difference in color between the clean and the dirty.
> I ran my floor machine with neutral cleaner and a hog hair pad. I managed to get a lot of the dirt out but not all. Can still see a difference between where the carpet was.
> I don't want to get too aggressive on this floor but wanted to know if anybody had any ideas on how to get it cleaner.
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