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I have tried it and produces really good results. You use it just like 5X but I found that you don't need as much because it's a hotter compound. Maybe half of what you would use on a 10 sq ft area when using 5x. It is green similar to Dia Glow. Be sure to neutralize the surrounding area it etches easy. Compared to MB-12 not really sure. They both have their places wet versus dry depending on the situation. I had difficulty working on a stone and it got me off the job when nothing else would work. For me it's another tool to have in the tool box. I like products that work. You may ask Bob for a sample to test. It is a little pricey.  My thoughts!

Kevin L. Hudson
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> Hi partners;
> After taking a few months to get really experienced dry polishing with MB 12, and using it exclusively in certain situations for several years now,SCC informs me ,they will no longer handle MB12, instead this product 10x,latest ,greatest polishing compound
> Has anyone else run this,how does it compare to MB 12 in how it polishes?
> Is it run in a slurry like 5X compounds, or very little water,then run dry like MB ?
> How hot is it? Compared to MB? Worry of orange peel? Need to be neutralized?
> Any experienced users input would be greatly appreciated
> Blessings
> Scott Wilson
> Wilson Stoneworks Inc
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