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We do 40 to 50 decks per year most of them are travertine.  The deck you are
working on is it an open /unfilled travertine or a filled travertine?
On an open travertine with a honed finish should be ok with stripping off
the current materials, if the customer still wants more anti- slip hone the
surface with 120 or 220.

Do not acid wash this will give you and the customer problems in the future
and your ability to achieve a consistent look will be difficult..

I have an open/unfilled travertine at  move home in our pool area  and have
no problems with slip. I clean it a couple times per year to remove any mold
or mildew and seal every 12 to 15 month and hose it down in between and have
no problems. Been doing this process on my stone for the last 10 to 12

Your anit slip materials are one of two things, it an acid etching process
or it's a coating.

John E Freitag

John E Freitag
The Stone & Tile School
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Partners I have a customer that has a salt water pool surrounded by a
travertine pool deck that was treated with a product call Deck O Grip. A
contractor applied it to help with slipping around the pool. The product has
been on for little over a year and has started to flake off creating a
unsafe environment. The customer is looking for a more permanent solution to
help with anti-slipping while maintaining the natural look of the
travertine. Could anyone who has experience working on pool decks please
provide some advise. Thanks!

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