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If you know what you need each day to make money  then apply that to how long it will take to do this job. If you need $600, $700 , $800 per day then determine the hours need to complete the job 1/4 day 1/2  3/4 day full day.  My 1/4 and 1/2 day rates are higher than my 3/4 day rates. Break your daily rates into an hourly rate.
I have a calculation formula for all our process.  I know how many  minutes I need to work some many sq. feet then includes the loss of productivity factors. The timing process works great to calculate all job regardless if they are floors or countertops or walls. The formula works.  This is how I bid all projects

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Would some of you share with me what you might typically charge to clean and "enhance" honed absolute black counters ? I've got about 165 square feet to do, new install with metal scuffs here and there. Thanks all

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