Plumbers putty stain on white Carrera (30 Oct 2015 16:09 EDT)
Re: Plumbers putty stain on white Carrera Bill Selik (30 Oct 2015 18:52 EDT)

Plumbers putty stain on white Carrera 30 Oct 2015 16:09 EDT

The plumbers son used plumbers putty on this faucet install three months ago. The homeowner contacted the builder a few weeks after the install when he noticed the darkening around the faucet area. The builder did not make it out there for another week. He applied the first poultice almost a month after the damage was done. He applied three more poultices since then, some remaining on the stone for a week or more. He used The DuPont product for removing oil stains.
I was called in this week and applied a 40% peroxide poultice with baby powder. Removed the plastic yesterday and the poultice today. This picture still shows the darker area. Will check again on Monday when everything is dried out.
Homeowner handpicked this slab a year ago and would be hard to match. Not sure if the poultices should continue or we should give up if this last one is unsuccessful.
Any thoughts or recommendations?
Thanks, Chris

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