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Granite polish Tony Deluna 13 Jan 2016 19:11 EST

Hello Pros,
I had a granite countertop I polished about six months ago. It was installed uneven at the seam. I was hired to grind it level & polish it out. I ground it down level and perfectly  even but my problem came when I tried to finish the polish. I ended up with too many micro phishers. Those tiny little spider web cracks. The polish came out good and it was just as shiny but too many micro phishers. It was obvious.
I came back with a tenax product called micro phisher remover which did nothing then a wax I was told by a granite fabricator that would work that did nothing. I also tried this watery clear 2 part epoxy that we use on concrete that didn't stick. I applied it at 100 grit. It just flaked off as I got higher in diamond grit.
The customer calls me back periodically to ask if I have found the solution yet.
I do a test now with a disclaimer or ask for a remnant piece to do a test first before grinding & polishing granite. It's got me spooked now. Since then I had to walk away from a counter top polish that did the same. I guess I been lucky for years till now.
Any ideas?

Tony DeLuna