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If you use the metholyne  chloride, use the flowing sprayable klen-strip brand. It goes much farther than the gel. What we typically do on the masking is Press 2 inch duct tape down between the carpet edge and the tile with a spatula about a quarter-inch. Then we typically put three rows of duct tape so you get at least 5 inches of flat surface that you can overlap when you are scrubbing & extracting Then use the 24 or 48 inch plastic film because you don't want that stuff splashing anywhere because wherever it lands it's going to remove paint or stain from the wood pews.
Have wire brushes handy to remove and excess build up in the grout joint.
If you have to reapply stripper make sure the surface is dry. Water will not allow stripper to make contact with wax residue. I learned that the hard way.

Make sure you have some rust remover handy too. If you have to use the wire brushes and they turn the grout joints black the rust remover will remove the black metal marks. Make sure it's a neutral pH rust remover like the one I have called "metal rescue". Not the fastest but it doesn't burn marble and it'll get the job done.
Walking on methylene chloride is like walking on ice so be extremely careful especially if you have helpers.

Tony DeLuna

> On Apr 13, 2016, at 11:45 AM, Micah <> wrote:
> Also they have been waxing it for three years what product would you recommend to strip it first?
> Micah
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