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This floor will need a 220 and 400, if you only do a 220 I don't feel you
get the new look to the floor. The green boarder you need to be honed up to
800 and then polished.
If you want to move faster use a 22 inch drive plate increase the area you
work on.

A maintenance program can be developed. How many sq. ft. are in the
building? are you going to guarantee the customer will never need to restore
the floors if they follow the maintenance program?

We teach a maintenance program that has a formula based upon the sq. ft.
that you can use and gurantee your customer they will never restore again
and the floors will look like new airways.  If you areinterested in the
class call or email me. This maintenance class is proven, I use it in my
restoration company with all my commercial customers. Yes I have floors I
restored in 1992 that have been  in a maintenance program and the floor look
like new. Maintenance a great re-occurring monthly income.

John E Freitag

John E Freitag
The Stone & Tile School
Office 407-567-7680
Cell 407-615-0134

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Hi partners I have a church ( pics attached) that has been waxing their
marble, it's three years old but is in need or restoration, it's time. I'm
curious if anyone has a quicker idea than 220,400 polish in this or if that
the only option, also anyone with this type of experience that has put
together a maintenance plan for something like this, they have about 2200
people a week

Thank you

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