Epoxy grout haze. N-Motion Stone and Tile Care 21 Jan 2017 10:04 EST

I just received a call from a contractor about a issue that he is having. He has 3000 sq ft of red quarry tile with black epoxy grout joints installed in October. He stated that the ceiling was recently sprayed with cream color dry fall paint and it got on the floor and grout joints. The floor has been cleaned by several contractors companies using different methods soap and water, vinegar and water, epoxy grout haze remover, acid washing the floor using a extractor/ turbo spinner tool with minimal results. He has to be off the job by 6:00am in the morning! My plan is to drive over and evaluate the issues.  I wanted to reach out to the partners to see if any of you have experienced an issue such as this in the past.  I'm looking for any suggestions of solutions! Thanks!

Kevin L. Hudson
N-Motion Stone and Tile
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