Terrazzo sealers Tony Deluna (29 Jan 2018 19:53 EST)
Re: Terrazzo sealers Stuart Rosen (29 Jan 2018 20:46 EST)

Terrazzo sealers Tony Deluna 29 Jan 2018 19:53 EST

I have a question on the top coat sealers used on terrazzo...

Pros & cons? Your opinions

I’ve never used them and I always thought using a topcoat sealer on terrazzo was a shortcut.
But then again I think it depends on commercial or residential.
All the Terrazzo we’ve done was residential.

But I know I can blow through a terrazzo refinishing job a lot faster with a top coat sealer

This is how we do residential
We grind with metal bond and take it to 400 grit resin pads then polish to a high shine then seal it with 511 enhancer sealer and buff. It comes out Beautiful.

The problem I’ve seen with the topcoat Sealers on terrazzo, such as the one we’re doing in a months was done by another stone restoration company.

After three years it’s pealing off in patches all over the heavy traffic areas. The dirt and soiling has blended into the sealer making it look really dirty, except for where it’s coming off in patches. There the Terrazzo looks much cleaner but still dirty.

My thought was, if I strip it then re-coated with a topical  coat sealer like the last company,  it’s gonna look the same in three years. But it will have a temporary artificial shine for a while.

So I explain to the customer I will strip it and seal it with an impregnator sealer and leave it at matte finish until they need it cleaned again in a few years.
Then when I return  next time rather than using that money for stripping again it can be use for 2 things; diamond honing  to a higher sheen and honing off all the dirt.

Eventually they want a high shine but it’s 5,000 sq ft and they can’t afford to have 5000 ft.² strip then diamond honed in several stages  then polished.

What are your thoughts Pro’s

Tony DeLuna