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The repair is not that difficult it’s making the color from scratch out of clear Epoxy with color that takes the most time.
Remove the stove top.
Drill out from top to bottom the side walls of the crack.
Using a good clear knife grade epoxy, pack it in all the way down. Trim the edges off with a razor blade before it hardens or after with the Dremel.
Sand the surface smooth with 100 or 220. Or shave with a razor blade flush.
Drill out the Epoxy in the crack no more than an 8th inch down.
Using an electric oscillating sander.
Sand up in grid until the finish matches,
220, 320,400,800,1000,1500,
If it’s a high shine use Finesse by  3M it’s a car polishing compound. You can buy at any local auto body shop supply.
Polish with a wool pad.
If it’s too shiny use a honing powder of various grades to get your finish.

When you’re making test samples with your epoxy color make sure to add the Hardner because the tint of the color changes slightly.
Wipe your sample on a piece of plastic film so you can peel it off and examine it on the surface of the countertop.
Before you finish sanding and refinishing You need to already know how The final color will match and blend.

Make sure you tell them this is a repair and I cannot guarantee a perfect color match, only to make it in conspicuous.

Good luck with that

Tony DeLuna

> On Jun 29, 2018, at 1:02 PM, Mike Alston <> wrote:
> Good afternoon, customer sent me this picture of her corian countertop. Any suggestions on how it can be repaired?
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