Laminated marble tables (25 Nov 2018 20:54 EST)
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Laminated marble tables 25 Nov 2018 20:54 EST
Hi pros,

A client dropped off 2 black marble tables that are laminated. They also have a fiberglass mesh underneath to strengthen them which created a moisture issue and therefore some bubbling and discoloration on the surface. She wants me to remove the lamination and polish them up.
They have been in my garage for about a week and one has already started de-laminating on its own. I think the drastic change in temperature caused it.
(Pic below)
Looking for the best way to continue this de-lamination. The dull section is where the lamination came off. The two beige areas are the pieces that are falling off.

Thank you,
Chris Santospago
Restoration by Design Stone

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