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Both iron and rust from furniture both are removed by using RSR2000 or
making a poultice using Iron Out. If the stone has iron deposit in it you
can usually see a dark brown colored vein in the stone. Or you will see
signs of discoloration throughout the floor.  Test with RSR 200O . Peroxide
in most cases will not remove rust stains.
Rust and iron is removed with acid base poultices. If the rust is unknown be
careful you could dark the rust stain by pulling the rust / iron deposit
from within the stone or if there is something in the sub-straight causing
the reust / iron stain.

John E Freitag

Elite Stone and Tile Care, Inc.
407-615-0134 Cell

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Good morning partners,

Just curious does anyone know the difference between iron in the stone or
rust caused from furniture etc.  One requires peroxide to remove and the
other RSR 2000 or Iron out the remove?


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