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Hi There From Perth Down under, in our experience in dealing with terracotta
tiles, the coating/glaze on the tiles has been removed with some sort of
chemical, this is impossible to patch up, you have to completely remove all
the glaze off the tiles until you have a raw tile, then you apply new
coatings, you need to prime the tiles as they are so porous it just drinks
and drinks the sealer.
It's a very messy job, the results are not very good overall, you have to
protect everything, you cant price the work high enough to validate the
So my advise is do not do this unless you are 100% confidant, you have
priced it well.

Good luck.

Garry Barton
 Managing Director
15 Ruse St Osborne Park WA 6017
M 0400 362360
E sealwerxwa@bigpond.com
W Sealwerxwa.com.au

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Have a client that said her house cleaner used bleach or something on her
tile, I have never done these tiles before but read they can be a pain, she
is wanting to know if can be restored or best to cover up instead of tearing
out. Thank you for your help

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