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From the pictures the job look very poor to say the least. Pressure washing
is my recommended way to clean stone. If you elect to clean I would
recommend only using 900 PSI for the cleaning. Topical finishes on a
exterior deck is asking for problems. The topical coating can and will
probably cause the surface to be slippery and trap the moisture in the stone
not allowing the stone to breath.
Recommend stripping off the topical, do a good ddep clean with a alkaline
based cleaner then seal with an Impregnating / penetrating Sealer.

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Hey gang saw a potential client today with an outside deck of red
travertine. She had had numerous workers try to (topical) seal it and did a
horrible job.  I'm no installer but she said they pressure washed and thru
sand for grout joints.   Is this the correct way to do this.

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