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If this is a new countertop, I would recommend the customer call the
fabricator back to fix this.  Most of the manufacturers
Of quartz surfaces /solid surfaces/ engineered - whatever they arecalling
the products these day are covered by a warranty this include the
fabrication of the product. If the fabricator is a certified quartz surface
fabricator he would be responsible for this repair. The customer need to
call the warranty department of that product and request an inspection, if
the inspector  determines it the fabricator problem then the fabricator will
need to do the repair or replacement.
With some of the suppliers of product if you do not use an authorizes and
approved Quartz surface technician then you can void the warranty for that

Be cautious on how you approach this, I would speak with the customer to see
if this product carries a warranty.

John E Freitag

John E Freitag
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Just went and looked at a new install for a Quartz island. It has a line
down the edging and its faint in some areas and more distinct in others. The
installer told her that is normal for Quartz. I included some pics hopefully
you can see it. I haven't had a lot of experience with this type of counter
is this normal or is it sh$t grade of Quartz. If you can fix it and what
process anyone uses Thanks Visit list archives, subscribe, unsubscribe or
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