Optic Haze porcelain tile Tony Deluna (26 Jan 2016 11:15 EST)
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Optic Haze porcelain tile Tony Deluna 26 Jan 2016 11:15 EST

Hello Pros.
A few weeks back I had a question if anybody knew how to polish porcelain tile.
I was recommended a product called NCL porcelain polishing cream.

I couldn't find one specifically named "NCL porcelain polishing cream"
What I did find is it's a company called national chemical laboratories and they have a product called CRC ceramic restoration cream. The rep told me this will polish out porcelain and ceramic and also get rid of optic Haze.

Anyways good thing I got a sample tile from the customer and didn't do the test on her floor. Because it dulled down the tile. I mask off one side and Polished the other with the CRC.
The rep confirmed that it will definitely work.
Turns out he didn't really know, now he's sending me a number of free products to test out for him and see if they work.

Does anybody know a product that really works and will produce a glassy shine on porcelain and get rid of optic Haze? Instead of create more?

 If there's something out there that can reverse the dulling on this tile created by the CRC that would probably be the one.

Tony DeLuna