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Re: Optic Haze porcelain tile Baird Standish 26 Jan 2016 11:39 EST
We use The NCL CRC a lot and it usually works. I have tried on some tiles where it didn't work. That being said, you have to use a lot of weight and in my experience it is useless to try to do a sample with an angle grinder because there is simply not enough weight. I am using an approximately 150 lb machine with a 50 lb weight. Here is a picture of a job we are working on now.

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> On Jan 26, 2016, at 11:15 AM, Tony Deluna <tndeluna@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Pros.
> A few weeks back I had a question if anybody knew how to polish porcelain tile.
> I was recommended a product called NCL porcelain polishing cream.
> I couldn't find one specifically named "NCL porcelain polishing cream"
> What I did find is it's a company called national chemical laboratories and they have a product called CRC ceramic restoration cream. The rep told me this will polish out porcelain and ceramic and also get rid of optic Haze.
> Anyways good thing I got a sample tile from the customer and didn't do the test on her floor. Because it dulled down the tile. I mask off one side and Polished the other with the CRC.
> The rep confirmed that it will definitely work.
> Turns out he didn't really know, now he's sending me a number of free products to test out for him and see if they work.
> Does anybody know a product that really works and will produce a glassy shine on porcelain and get rid of optic Haze? Instead of create more?
> If there's something out there that can reverse the dulling on this tile created by the CRC that would probably be the one.
> Tony DeLuna
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