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Hi partners

Just a reminder to always touch base with clients first before driving any distance to look at a job.
I blocked out my whole afternoon to drive an hour and 20 minutes each way to look at a fairly large floor job. Of course I texted as I was leaving to give them a firm ETA (exactly the time we scheduled by phone last week).
His response was “who is this?” Then “if this is the floor company then we’re all set”
My response “serious?”
His “serious “
I kept it professional by just stating “Next time follow up with the people you make appointments with. It’s the considerate thing to do”
Really wanted to tell him to gfy but kept my cool.
A long time ago a very good salesman told me to make the appointment and then just go without calling. If you call first then it gives them a chance to wiggle out. Thank God I do not follow that philosophy. I’m not into high-pressure but just wish some people had some decency out there.

Thanks for listening,
Chris Santospago
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